“Rashaad Ernesto Green’s ‘Premature’ Is Right on Time”

There’s a certain joy in watching a movie, thinking you’ve got its influences pegged, and then being proven wrong, or not wrong per se but perhaps narrow. Take Rashaad Ernesto Green’s new film, Premature, for instance. At moments I felt like I was watching a take on Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy; at others I was reminded of the movies of Peter Sollett and Woody Allen. Every time the influences shifted, so did my experience with the movie, which, influences aside, is a really wonderful piece of work. I highly recommend seeking it out. 

One warning: It’s pretty frank in its depictions of abortion. If that’s a trigger for you, stay away. (Also do not watch Saint Frances and probably also Never Rarely Sometimes Always. Been quite a year for movies about the choice.)

You can read my full review over at Paste Magazine.

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