“Hop Farms & How to Grow Hops in New England”

I’m not shy about my regional pride. I take every opportunity to express that pride, and when opportunities don’t present themselves, I bullishly make one. This isn’t quite one of those times, but it isn’t quite not one of those times, either; hops do grow in New England, and hop farmers do work their asses off getting those hops to grow. It’s a whole thing. But how do hops grow here? And why? And when and where?

Well: It’s a good thing you know me and read my work, because I, being the industrious beer journo that I am, did some reaching out to hop farming folk in three states (Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine), and I talked to ’em about how they run their operations. Honestly? I learned a lot. And I got a pretty great story out of it, too, if I do say so myself.

You can read the full report over at Hop Culture. More hop farming pieces to come, I hope!


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