“We’re Obsessed With Fighting Our Evil Doppelgängers”

It took me damn near a year to write this piece; I tried selling it back when Us and The Hole in the Ground first came out, and even talked to Lee Cronin, the latter’s director, about the budding doppelgänger trend*. But the piece went nowhere with the editor I pitched it to, and so here I am now, long after the fact, working with another** editor at a different site, talking about the same two movies plus another movie plus a TV show plus three more movies mentioned in passing***.

I’m actually glad it took this long to get the thing together; the passage of time gave me more opportunity to dig really deep into what this weird trend “means.” And I think I got there, too!

You can read the full piece over at Polygon.

*Hi Lee! In case you read this: Skype ate our audio, and yeah, I can’t account for the piece not really getting traction a year ago. Sorry about that!
***Notably Asako I & II, which I mention but don’t about in the piece because it doesn’t totally fit, and also I didn’t really have room for it.



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