“All Good Things Must End, Even ‘The Good Place'”

Say it with me now: Movies are better than TV because movies end. This would be why I prize shows like The Good Place so highly; they’re doled out in short bursts (20 minute episodes!), and they’re run by people who know when to call it quits. Stories are supposed to come to a close, after all. TV shows can go on indefinitely, and frankly very few of them are worth sitting through 40 minutes to an hour at a time.

Very, very few of them are any good anyways, which is another reason The Good Place is such a treasure. But for me the real value of this series is its power as a lecture on morality, blended with fart jokes, butt jokes, wiener jokes, plus jokes about Jameela Jamil being too tall and Kristin Bell being too short. If you need help figuring out how to be a better person, you can honestly just sit through this show and I dunno, you’ll probably figure it out.

I bid farewell to The Good Place in my latest piece at The Week.


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