“Richard Stanley Un-Cages Lovecraftian Weirdness in ‘Color Out of Space'”

Originally I was supposed to interview Richard Stanley about this one, but our schedules didn’t align, and so I’m treating myself by reviewing it instead. So it goes. Not that I mind: I had fun writing this, almost as much fun as I had watching the movie, which Stanley approaches as “dad horror” in contrast to the “mom horror” movies (a’la The Babadook and Hereditary) that helped rehab horror in pop culture’s eyes in the mid to late 2010s.

I have thoughts on “dad horror” as a horror niche, though prior to this movie, “dad horror” for me meant “horror movies I do not want to revisit as a dad,” a’la The Wailing* or Thelma or The Witch. Now, I’m thinking of “dad horror” as “horror movies shot from the perspective of the dad,” which isn’t a new thing, but which Color Out of Space puts new emphasis on. 

Anyways. You can read me fully review of the film at Paste Magazine.



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