“‘Camaraderie & Community’ At The Core of Nashville’s Gender Revolution”

One of the big regrets I have with this Nashville project, now wrapped up, finally: There’s so, so much material that didn’t make it into the final pieces. Figuring out what to include and where to include it? Man, let me tell you, that wasn’t easy, especially for part two, where we talk at length about the sexist side of the city’s music scene. Misogyny can’t really be fully covered in just a couple of pieces, even when those pieces both clock in at around 1200 words. 

But we do our best. As with the last piece, I had a wonderful time speaking with the musicians—Lillie Mae, Leah Blevins, and Yola—as well as with Brittney McKenna, one of Nashville’s best music journalists, whose insights into the scene gave me the authoritative buttressing detail I needed (and which I can’t personally provide, as a Bostonian writing about Nashville from afar) to make the article stick.

You can read the full thing over at Paste Magazine.


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