“5 New Releases We Love: Algiers’ Urgent Return, Georgia’s Perfect Dance Pop, And More”

I’ll admit this upfront: Part of the reason I started writing about music is that, back in 2018, I felt like I was horribly out of touch with music in our modern age and needed to get “with it,” because now I am over 30 ,and things need to be gotten with. Basically, I wanted to find new music to put in my ears, and the best way to do that is by covering it. 

So now I’m at the point where I’m buried in albums by new-to-me bands like Bombay Bicycle Club, whose discography I’m working through and whose new record, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, whips butt. I’m finding new things to like about it the more rotations I give it.

You can read my thoughts on the album over at The A.V. Club.



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