“These Rising Nashville Stars Stick Together The Same Way We Do—With A Group Message”

Last October, we flew to Nashville for business; my wife had a work conference, and we have a baby, so we tagged along* and I covered Music City’s breweries and bars, and also its…music.

What you’re about to read is part one of two of my series about Nashville, Nashville country, and how the country scene in Nashville is predominantly driven by women’s voices**. I didn’t get to meet Michaela Anne*** and Kelsey Waldon while in town; they were both on the road. But in my conversations with them, as well as with Erin Rae (who I did get to meet****), I found a nifty throughline: They’re all three of ’em on a text chain together, along with Caroline Spence*****.

I’m a writer. I look for good stories everywhere I go. How am I not supposed to write about that? It’s such a sweet human detail, and such a great bit of buttressing support for the narrative I’m following here. So I took that detail and ran with it, and this is the result. Enjoy. 

You can read the full piece over at Paste Magazine. (Part two runs 01/15.)

*With in-laws in tow.
**I truly don’t think I’m overstating my case here. There are plenty of talented men making good country music down in Nashville, but if you’re hearing about country artists from Nashville, chances are you’re hearing about women.
***In Nashville. I met her when she came to City Winery and put on a wonderful show, though! 
****Which is great, because this whole thing is actually inspired by my interview with her from 2018.
*****Didn’t get around to talking to her for this piece, but I swear our paths will cross in the future.

One thought on ““These Rising Nashville Stars Stick Together The Same Way We Do—With A Group Message”

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