“Hawktail’s ‘Formations’ Soars Over Tennessee”

Let me tell you: Writing about an instrumental album? That’s no joke. Not that I have tons of experience writing about music – I’m still a work in progress, here – but I realized, while writing about Hawktail’s Formations, how much of a gift lyrics are: They give me a way to connect the dots from words to tunes, and figure out what the music is saying without having to listen to the instruments alone. 

So I consider my piece on Formations as something of a test in a foreign language class, and I think I did…okay? Honestly, I could just have bullshitted my way through the thing and no one would say “boo,” but this is my best genuine effort at drawing sensation and meaning out of violin notes and guitar strums.

I truly hope ya dig it. You can read the whole thing over at Paste Magazine.



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