“The 5 Best Breweries in Nashville, TN”

Oh, sure I went down to Nashville, and while I was there, I did a lot of drinking.

This is code for “you ingrates better click this article, because I need your clicks to help pay for my inevitable future liver transplant.”

Honestly, I love Nashville. I love it more for its music than anything else, but it’s a fantastic city, brimming with great food (shove your fancy overpriced burnt-ass New York barbecue, fools), and peppered with wonderful breweries. I only had five slots here, so I hope I did the place justice, and I hope I did each brewery justice, too. Someday I hope to return and visit more of ’em. (And revisit some of the best ones here. Southern Grist and Bearded Iris ain’t screwin’ around.)

You can read the full piece over at Hop Culture.

One thought on ““The 5 Best Breweries in Nashville, TN”

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