“Why the Trope of the Dad Bod is Detrimental to Dads”

I found the above image of Jason Momoa, one of my absolute favorite human beings on the planet*, posted on an article at Today, and I used it for obvious reasons in my post here:

  1. Jason Momoa is a golden god
  2. Jason Momoa got flack for having a dad bod, which to me is bananas 
  3. Dudes, if you had that body, more people would want to have babies with you
  4. I mention Jason in the piece I wrote that I’m linking to here, duh

Short version: We had a baby**, I was already struggling with my weight, and I thought, “Ah, well, I’ll just get fat now, because apparently that is what men do.” But I lost weight, bought a micro wardrobe of things I could fit into, and have been under 200 pounds ever since, so basically this whole “dad bod” thing is a lot of bullshit and people should shut up about it, because it’s terrible for male image***.

So I reached out to Parents Magazine and talked about that image over there.

*And my forever man crush.
**My wife did. I can’t take credit for that part. I was there! But I had to get a tattoo to be able to say I bled for my daughter, and that really doesn’t count.
***Which, funny enough, has a way of working its way back around to female image, because all this gender construct stuff is intertwined, which is why feminism is for men, too

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