“10 Underrated Horror Movies To Feast On This Month”

Much as I advocate for people to go out of their houses to see movies, and much as I think horror is a genre best experienced with an audience at a movie house, there’s a delicious creep factor to watching horror alone in the comfort of one’s dwelling. 

I had fun with this list; writing gave me the chance to revisit some recent favorites, like Prevenge and The Autopsy of Jane Doe and, perhaps most of all, The Lure; it gave me a chance to reevaluate my dislike of Eaten Alive, which I first saw at the Coolidge Corner Theatre’s annual 12 hour horrorthon, and which I hated in that context. Turns out that Eaten Alive isn’t the kind of film that plays well at 3:00 AM. Surprise.

Anyways. You can read the full piece over at Polygon.



One thought on ““10 Underrated Horror Movies To Feast On This Month”

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