“How Foam Brewers Find Creativity Under Pressure”

My rule for breweries is this: If a brewery can’t make a good IPA, I’m not sure what they can do. My second rule is this: Do more than just make IPAs.

So basically I’m saying that there’s a reason I’m so fond of Foam Brewers up in Burlington, VT; they make a top-tier IPA, but they also knock out a mean fruited sour plus other weird experimental concoctions that, for instance, smell like a barnyard, but in a really good, homey sort of way. Experimentation is a blast. Foam’s experiments tend to work out. 

I’ve covered them before, but this time around I got to sit down with them one on one and talk specifically about what makes Foam, well, Foam, and what it’s like being a young brewery with over 300 unique / uniquely inspired beers. That’s a big reputation to shoulder! But they do it with gusto.

You can read the full profile over at Hop Culture.

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