“‘The Day Shall Come’ And The Myth Of The Black Nationalist Terrorist”

Look: Black people can be nationalist terrorists, too. I don’t want white people to feel like I’m subtly singling them out here, because lord knows we should all be fair to those white nationalist terrorists. And, y’know, I’m an egalitarian guy, so I believe that black Americans can be nationalist terrorists just as much as white Americans. Equality for all. I’m with you.

But yeah, uh, so, seriously, all that being said, the headline of this piece still stands, and if you want an idea of who I consider the truer, or more likely, candidate for nationalist terrorism, just Google search “Amy Guyger*,” or “Connor Stephen Betts,” or “Dylann Roof,” or “James Holmes.” The Day Shall Come feels both a few years too late and also just on time, a film about white American fear of black nationalist terror as filtered through the lens of the FBI, one of the great terror agencies in our country. (Bringin’ all the hot takes today, I am.)

The Day Shall Come makes the case that I’m making above much, much better, and besides, you’re really here for my movie recommendations, so I’ll stop while I’m ahead and just say: You can read my full review over at The Week.

*”Hey, low blow!” you’re saying, except that she walked into a black man’s apartment and murdered him, as per American racial bias and police training.


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