“Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘Loro’ Is The Perfect Film For Our Lying Times”

My love for Paolo Sorrentino is not, according to this very website, terribly well-documented or even well-represented, but believe me: I really love his work. The Great Beauty? Splendid. Might be one of the best films of the decade. I’m not sure yet. The decade isn’t over, sheesh. 

As for his latest? Loro? Might be one of the best films of the year, but again, year not over, sheesh, etc. It’s without a doubt the horniest film of the year, leaning on some of the slickest filmmaking techniques for the most libidinal purposes, but that’s okay! It’s about Italian politics. Italian politics are horny. You can no more take the horniness out of Italian politics than you can take the white supremacy out of American politics (heyooooo). 

I picked apart the details of Loro that make it an essential 2019 release, if not one of its best releases, over at The Week.


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