“‘Haunt’ Writers on Their ‘A Quiet Place’ Success and the ‘Crazy, Zany’ Script They’re Working On”

I don’t make much effort to veil my distaste for post-Office John Krasinski, mostly because I find funnymen who muscle up in the post-funny stage of their career incredibly dull, but also because he…kind of sucks? Look, if you want me to piss and moan about The Hollars, a truly awful movie, and how Krasinski said “no thanks” to showing up for opening night of IFFBoston ’16, even though The Hollars was the opening film, I can do that. Or I can just talk about Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.

Okay then, let’s! Bryan and Scott are pretty swell, and I liked their new movie, Haunt, which they directed and co-wrote in contrast to A Quiet Place, which they only co-wrote with Krasinski. I did not care for A Quiet Place, though the nail gag that drove me up a tree with that one makes more sense in light of my chat with them about Haunt. Frankly, I think they’re better directors than Krasinski, and it shows in just how much more tension they’re able to ring out of a staple premise compared to how much Krasinski rings out of a more original ones. 

But now I’m giving away the good stuff, so you should just read the full interview over at The Hollywood Reporter.



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