“Is ‘It’ a New Kind of Horror Franchise?”

Well? Is it?

I felt a degree of trepidation writing this piece. Upfront: The argument is questionable. But I’m not necessarily making the argument as much as I’m raising the question, which is enough of a hair-splitting difference that I feel like I’m in the clear as far as bullshit goes.

Will the success of the It franchise, if anyone can really call it that, have a huge impact on how studios approach their inevitable future horror tentpoles? It’s possible. Money talks. It Chapter 2 (or II, or whateer) has already made about half the money its predecessor made worldwide, which isn’t a bad commercial take for two weeks in theaters. But I’m still not 100% convinced of my own suggestion that studios will follow the It series’ example, unless there are enough well-praised horror novelists out there for studios to plunder and turn into events a’la The Avengers.

That said, I’m unexpectedly pleased to be arguing with myself over my own article. You can head to The Hollywood Reporter to read the full piece.


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