Review: A Faithful Man, 2019, dir. Louis Garrel

Maybe parenthood has changed me, but damn if I don’t love me a movie under an hour and a half. (Conversely, I also love movies that are 2+ hours, which doesn’t make a fucking lick of sense.) That movie? A Faithful Man, a determinedly French movie about French people doing French things, starring, written, and directed by Louis Garrel, a man of French bearing and with a royal French background (royal in terms of acting, at least). 

I’m not sure “romantic comedy” really adequately captures A Faithful Man‘s vibe. It’s funny, but funny in the way that scratches the roof of the mouth rather than provokes belly laughter; it’s romantic, but uncomfortably so, particularly given that one of Garrel’s paramours is Johnny Depp’s daughter and the other is his better half.

Don’t let the poster fool you, in other words, because this isn’t as cute a romp as you’d think. But it is very good! You can read my full thoughts over at Paste Magazine

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