Review: Love, Antosha, 2019, dir. Garret Price

Saying unimpressed things about Love, Antosha, a documentary tribute to the late and beloved Anton Yelchin, feels like a sin akin to kicking a puppy while stealing candy from a baby while shoving an old lady into traffic. I wouldn’t say I’m unimpressed with the movie, per se; learning just how many people thought fondly (and beyond fondly) of Anton is enough to make one’s chest swell. And Anton himself is a pretty one of a kind dude, which just makes his loss sting even more.

But I’m not sure the filmmaking here does more than adequate service to his name, and honestly, there’s so much about him that’s absolutely fascinating and which I didn’t really know that I’m bummed the movie didn’t go deeper and last longer. 

All the same, I appreciate it, so go read my full review over at Paste Magazine.



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