“How 5 Craft Breweries Are Embracing Coffee Roasting”

I start just about every day with a cup of coffee. I continue it with a second one. If I’m feeling feisty, I crank it up to three. I’m so obsessed with the morning ritual of brewing a cup of coffee that every night, I set out all my coffee accouterments before I fall asleep: Kettle, french press, tablespoon, bag of coffee*, grinder**. It’s a whole thing that plays into my love of routine.

So, since coffee is something brewed, and since beer is something brewed, and since beer often uses coffee as an ingredient, I decided to take a stab at talking coffee. Why not? Breweries are, after all, increasingly offering specialty coffee alongside their beers. The two go hand in hand. (It’s not uncommon that I’ll grab a cup of coffee after dinner out, assuming I’ve had a couple of beers with the meal.) 

Thus, this piece, which you can read in full over at Hop Culture.

*Previously grounds, but now, whole bean.
**See above. Can’t do much with whole beans unless you have a grinder.


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