“The 10 Best Horror Movies of 2019 (So Far)”

My contrary take on horror in 2019 is that horror in 2019 is not that good. I have not seen Midsommar, sure, but you all know how I feel about Ari Aster at this point, so seeing Midsommar or not has little impact on my greater impressions of the horror movies out this year in theaters. Horror is good. 2019’s horror movies are, well, not.

We found ten total to round out this list, and I will unreservedly recommend any of them to horror-hungry types out there, even The Perfection, a movie I found uneven in terms of writing but tremendous in terms of its imagery. (I’m not sure I totally accept Climax as a horror movie – Gaspar Noe certainly doesn’t think of it that way – but I get why people categorize it as such, and I’m not about to argue it. It is pretty horrifying.) Along with The Perfection, there’s UsHead Count, another shout out from me to The Hole in the GroundI Trapped the Devil, and of course In Fabric, which is amazing and which I hope gets a release date soon. I want everyone to see it.

The full list is posted over at Paste Magazine.



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