Review: Yeasayer, “Erotic Reruns”

I’ll admit it! I didn’t know Yeasayer until June album pitch time, or just before, when a direct DL to their new album, Erotic Reruns, wound up in my inbox. I gave it a listen; I gave their prior work a listen; I thought to myself, “this is something I definitely have things to say about, and I definitely want to say them.” So I did! And I’d do it again! (Other than getting it wrong on one of the tracks and crediting the wrong singer. It happens. Mostly when writing about a band with two vocalists.)

In case it’s not clear: Erotic Reruns is a solid recommendation for me. Art that sticks is, for me, art that has value, even if the art is flawed (as most art is). This record’s full of ear worms. Doesn’t ultimately matter that the subjects clang against one another occasionally. The music works.

You can read my full thoughts over at Paste Magazine.

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