“Films by Women: Four Movies to Watch from May (2019)”

Truth: May, on whole, was a better month for women directing movies (in terms of quantity at least) than this paltry list of 4 allows. But I’m only one person and I can only see so many movies and write so many blurbs. I didn’t get a chance to say anything about Booksmart, or Always Be My Maybe, though that being said, I wouldn’t really put the latter on here; it’s really genuinely honestly kind of not very good at all, one of those things that I’ll give allowance to only because I like the cast and then only in spite of the filmmaking. 

But there are two very good French movies out on Blu-ray this month, Let the Sunshine In (which I reviewed last year) and One Sings, the Other Doesn’t, which I had never seen until last month and which I consider one masterpiece among many in Agnès Varda’s body of work. So, that’s good! Also: The Souvenir.

You can check out the piece over at Paste Magazine.


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