Review: Asako I & II, 2019, dir. Ryusuke Hamaguchi

I’ve tried, and failed, to get pieces off the ground this year that tackle the “doppelganger” trend trickling along through films like The Hole in the Ground and Us. I had the opportunity to succeed with the release of Asako I & II, except that I think I bit off more than I could chew; I still don’t have a clear enough read on “what it all means” to find a starting place for research. Are we scared of ourselves? Are we reacting to social media creating bifurcated double lives for ourselves? What the hell is it?

Without a crystalline thesis, I just straight-up reviewed Asako I & II, which is a pretty great movie on its own without having to be couched in a sub-trend of 2019 cinema. I’m happy I did! Asako I & II is unlike anything I’ve seen this year, defiantly anti-label, thoroughly warm, pleasant, and achingly sad. 

You can read the full review at Paste Magazine.


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