“Godzilla: King of the Monsters Is An Unlikely Climate Change Movie”

I’m eyeballing this headline, which I approved and dig and think makes sense, and wonder now if it’s really all that unlikely a Godzilla film would, in 2019, care about climate change; that’s about as close a modern equivalent to nuclear disaster as we can get, and given that this is a global / international thing – both the movie itself (it received a chunk of funding from Huahua Media, though no one knows how much) and climate change – it makes sense that the central theme would be environmental catastrophe. The world is an oven. We’re all baking in it. If only giant monsters did exist, and if only all we needed to do to survive was follow their lead.

The end credits newspaper scrawl for Godzilla: King of the Monsters is striking in its optimism, but that optimism, of course, is rooted in a world where Godzilla roams the oceans and seas. Regardless, the movie does several things well, and one of those things is wrapping each of its Toho monsters up in specific weather events. King Ghidorah arriving in the embrace of a tropical storm, for instance, is quite the sight. I dug it.

So I wrote about it all for The Week, my first piece for them in a while. You can head over there to check it out. 



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