“How ‘John Wick 3’ Brings A Shadowy World Into Focus”

It’s not easy being John Wick. First his wife dies, then the dog his wife gave him as a gift slash humanity anchor dies, then he has to kill a bunch of people, then after a few years of peace and quiet he’s forced to kill more people again (and also his house is blown up), then the person who forced him to kill more people again betrays him, then John kills that guy in a way that gets him kicked out of the Assassins’ Club, then John has to run around New York City and the world to buy himself clemency, all the while killing more people along the way. And then he gets tossed off of a building for his troubles.

I imagine John Wick: Chapter 4 – You’re All Fucked will be the most explosive movie of the series, because all John has left is straight-up demolishing the bureaucratic institutions governing the world of assassins, but in the meantime it’s nice to get to know those institutions, however smug and insidious, before John starts murdering the people running them with books, pencils, horses, guns, knives, fists, tables, and probably other random implements yet to be determined. Maybe he’ll choke a guy to death with a cookie or something. Who knows? The future is unwritten. But it involves lots of bad guys on the High Table getting dead.

You can read about my thoughts on that there Table at The Hollywood Reporter.

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