“Diving Deep into Distraction with John Darnielle”

It’s probably in my and The Mountain Goats‘ John Darnielle’s best interest that we never end up in the same room or even on the phone with each other ever again; I think if we do, our combined rambling distractibility may lead us to confab and kibbitz until the inevitable heat death of the universe. That said, running into the inevitable heat death of the universe while talking about Magic: The GatheringDungeons & Dragons, and noir, among likely a million other things, with John Darnielle wouldn’t be so bad. 

My recent conversation with John (which really isn’t all that recent, but hey) is proof that publicists are heroes. One: A publicist set this up for me. So there’s that. Two: It takes immense patience to listen to people chat with no particular direction in mind without losing one’s sanity and while also maintaining enough presence of mind to step in and get two inveterate talkers to stop talking. Bravo.

The conversation came out fabulously, so may I recommend you read it at Paste Magazine? Thanks.




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