“Best of Criterion’s New Releases, April 2019”

Watching Rumble in the Bronx, my very first Jackie Chan movie*, back 1995 changed my life. “Here,” I thought at the time, “is a movie.” Honestly, I can’t recollect whether I’d seen any martial arts or kung fu movies before then; remember, back in 1995, I was only ten**. Maybe I’d caught Five Element Ninjas or a couple odd Bruce Lee movies here or there, or maybe Rumble in the Bronx is really where all of this started for me. It’s been a long time. Either way, going back to Chan’s roots with Police Story and Police Story 2 for April’s Criterion round-up was a pleasure.

You can read the whole piece over at Paste Magazine.

*Whatever, it was probably your first Jackie Chan movie, too, but you’ll never admit because you’re a COWARD.
**Not that that stopped me from watching Tales from the Crypt, but y’know.


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