Review: Body at Brighton Rock, 2019, dir. Roxanne Benjamin

You all may not know this about me, but on occasion I fancy a good hike, a nice constitutional through the woods; sometimes I even camp and make nature my hotel room*. So horror movies, or straightforward survival movies, in which normal everyday types find themselves lost in the woods, tend to get to me. That’s Body at Brighton Rock, the first feature length film from Roxanne Benjamin, whose work I’ve covered for quite a while**. It’s solid!

I have a couple minor quibbles that I don’t really get into in the review; I tried to, but couldn’t articulate them in a way that a) gave them the respect they deserved, and b) molded well with the rest of the piece. I guess, in short, the climax feels a bit too Scooby-Doo or Are You Afraid of the Dark? to me, which isn’t strictly bad but also happens to clash with the rest of the movie. Still: Really, really solid work, as you’ll tell from reading the full review.

You can do that by clicking this link and going to Paste Magazine, in case you’re wondering.

*I do not trash my hotel rooms. Just saying.
**More on that in a future piece to be published, and which I’ll share here.



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