Films by Women: Five* Movies to Watch from April (2019)

*Actually six! I should probably have this corrected. Then again, I like to surprise people, so opening up this piece to find six blurbs staring back at them should come as a nice reveal.

Another note: Frankly, this could have gone to about ten. April, for whatever reason, is this year’s launching ground for a whole slew of movies directed by women: Little WoodsFast Color, and Someone Great each come immediately to mind, and though I have not seen any of these three and thus can’t render opinion on them (hey, maybe that’s why I didn’t include them in the round-up!), I suggest seeking them out. If you want movies by women in theaters (or, I guess, on Netflix), then the best way to do that, as I always say, is to vote with your dollars. (This is especially urgent for Fast Color, which I did not know was coming out this month and which will probably only be in theaters for another minute or so, that is if it’s still in theaters at all.)

You can read the whole piece over at Paste Magazine.


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