“Race-Car Driver Hurley Haywood and Patrick Dempsey Talk About Their New Documentary, Hurley”

If you told me 8 years ago that I’d be writing for Men’s Health and interviewing Patrick Dempsey and Hurley Haywood about race car driving and homophobia in race car driving, I’d have laughed at you. Then I’d have stopped and said, “Wait, Patrick Dempsey races cars?” I’m pretty sure he was racing around that time, so I think this stands to scrutiny.

One thing I regret about interviews like this is how much information ends up getting cut, or more accurately never makes it into the piece. Hurley and Patrick, speaking on the subject of their new film, Derek Dodge’s Hurley, had so much interesting chatter on the movie and the world it’s set in, and I tried my best to squeeze as much of it into the piece while keeping the piece cohesive. Suffice to say the movie spoke to me about as much as both of these guys did. 

Being as male identity (identities, I’d say) is one of my lanes, putting this article together was a real pleasure, if not for my general fixation on the themes of the movie then because Hurley and Patrick are stand-up guys.

You can read the full piece over at Men’s Health.



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