“Why ‘Us’ Must Be Watched More Than Once”

Admit it: My bad jokes and corny excerpts are the content you come here for.

I saw Us, Jordan Peele’s new and ridiculously successful movie, last week. In addition to “new” and “successful,” it’s also “awesome,” and “considerably less of an obvious home run than Get Out,” which, several days and change later, actually translates to “considerably greater in ambition than Get Out.”* I need to see this movie again, not because I liked it (though I did, and I want to see it again because it’s bloody great), but because I know seeing it a second time will yield a very different experience then the first time.

That’s what happens when you make good, original movies designed to upend expectations both outside of the theater and inside, meaning: Us is not the film I thought it would be, and dodged my assumptions about it as it built upon itself for the course of its duration.

So I put all of that into words for The Hollywood Reporter, and you should go there to read those words.

*I want to clarify that “greater in ambition” isn’t the same thing as “Get Out isn’t ambitious.” Get Out is ambitious. But its ambition is laser-focused, and the ambition of Us has a much, much wider scope.



2 thoughts on ““Why ‘Us’ Must Be Watched More Than Once”

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