“Here’s What Happens in Captain Marvel’s 2 Post-Credits Scenes”

Now feels like an okay time to post this thing I did about the stingers in Captain Marvel, which is to say that it’s as good and okay a time as any to post this thing. Folks are ready to declare war on spoilers for anything at any time in the social media age. It’s ridiculous. You don’t want to be spoiled? Watch the damn thing, you lazy punk.

Anyway. The eye-rolling reality of Captain Marvel‘s big mid-credits stinger is that there’s not much to it at all, just confirmation of what happened at the end of Infinity War* and a bridge between that movie, this movie, and the next Marvel movie, Endgame, which premieres 04/26 and will be approximately 10 hours long**. So, basically nothing “new,” just a logical piece of story progression. Easy.

I broke down this short tidbit over at Men’s Health.

*Or, as I like to call it: Unfunity War. This is why you come here, guys.
**I am exaggerating. It will be 6 hours long.


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