Review: Woman at War, 2019, dir. Benedikt Erlingsson

I keep on seeing movies about Iceland, set in Iceland, and it’s making me really want to go back to Iceland. I haven’t been there since Mad Max: Fury Road came out. (Fact: Mad Max: Fury Road is my marker for remember the year we went to Iceland.)

Neither here nor there, of course, though Woman at War, a movie concerned with environmental destruction and the rape of Iceland’s natural resources, could conceivably make a nice precursor to or comedown from Fury RoadWoman at War has present day concerns, being industrialization upon unspoiled lands; the only person willing to stand in the way of this atrocity is a choir director who happens to be handy with a bow and arrow and remarkably stealthy, not to mention very, very lucky.

All I can say without giving away too much of the review? This is an immensely Icelandic film.

You can read the full piece over at Paste Magazine.


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