Review: The Hole in the Ground, 2019, dir. Lee Cronin

For as long as I’ve been reviewing movies—and even longer, in fact—I’ve been reviewing horror movies, and for nearly as long as I’ve been reviewing horror movies, I’ve kept an eye on Irish horror movies. One of those movies: The Cured. Two others, and these are more apropos to the subject at hand: The Hallow and Don’t Leave Home.

I’ve got a longer, more detailed piece on Ireland’s horror legacy in the pipeline, but Lee Cronin’s The Hole in the Ground adds another terrific, textured chapter to the spooky campfire stories told on the Emerald Isle, and without much doubt is kinda the best horror thing I’ve seen yet in 2019. (Take that for what it’s worth. It’s March. I also haven’t seen a ton of horror movies I’m excited about, though I feel dumb for missing the chance to write about The Golem.)

What can I say? I love Irish folklore. I love fae things. I love creepy children in horror. I also love horror movies when made by people who understand that horror can have top notch construction without withholding on terrifying crap. Win-win-win. If I’m being honest, Cronin’s work reminds me just as much of The Babadook as these other films, but that’s neither here nor there.

You can read my full review of The Hole in the Ground at Little White Lies.



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