“The Year’s Best Movies About Men Were Directed By Women—And Snubbed By The 2019 Oscars”

I don’t know if y’all have noticed, but I’m carving out space for myself writing about modern male identity, couched in the lens of the movies. This latest piece is maybe my ultimate statement (to date) on that theme: A breakdown and analysis of 2018 films (films from 2018, I mean, not a grand total of 2018, silly) that hinge on male identity, each of which happens to directed by a woman.

Maybe you need to be on the outside to best understand how people function on the inside. Or maybe Lynne Ramsay, Debra Granik, and Chloé Zhao are just master filmmakers and with You Were Never Really HereLeave No Trace, and The Rider, they’ve strung together an accidental trio of films that beautifully dissect and empathize with male psychological stresses. 

I’m not sure I want to go much further than that for fear of stepping on the article. Instead, I’ll just say that you can read the full article over at Men’s Health.


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