Review: Shook Twins, “Some Good Lives”

Guys: Did I score this album too low?

My gut says “yes,” because at the end of the day, or at the end of Some Good Lives, I enjoy the new Shook Twins record very much. It’s incredibly beautiful, if perhaps loaded with one track too many; it’s just that I can’t help wondering if maybe there’s a bit of an identity crisis going on here. You want to be sad and you want to ruminate? Do that. You want to focus on blending those ruminations with a bit of cheer? Do that. I guess for me, as noted in the review, the cheerier, party down elements of the album don’t mesh well with the more soulful elements, and I kind of wish the twins had shot for a more distinguished concept instead of accidentally making the concept scattershot.

Anyway: I still liked it! You can read the full review over at Paste Magazine.



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