“Here’s The True Story of Paige, The WWE Star In ‘Fighting With My Family'”

It’s been years since I bothered watching WWE. Also: I used to really love wrestling. Anyway: I said “au revoir” to WWE fandom around, oh, I think 2001 or so, when Vince McMahon took the “Kiss My Ass Club” angle too far and basically forced Jim Ross to smush his face against McMahon’s bare chiseled ass on live TV. Not that I respected the angle to begin with; it’s puerile and dumb even for WWE standards. But a guy like JR should never have endured that kind of indignity. So, yeah, that was it for me.

Fighting with My Family, the Saraya “Paige” Bevis biopic, might get me back into it. This movie’s good! It also gave me a chance to visit recent WWE history, which included watching a few matches (and also researching Bill DeMott, which wasn’t fun but at least gave me a bit of context for the NXT program) and then taking all of my new experience and putting it all into a pseudo-review slash background lesson on Paige’s career.

You can read the full piece over at Men’s Health.

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