“The Surprising Moments of ‘Happy Death Day 2U'”

I’m not honestly sure how Christopher Landon got it in him to make a second Happy Death Day movie, and this, more or less, is the thesis of the first of my two pieces about it. But he wrote the script for Happy Death Day 2U before Happy Death Day even happened, so I guess he just knew where he wanted these movies to go from the very start. All he needed was for Scott Lobdell to write the first movie’s script for him. I guess? Sounds like a lot of time traveling chicanery to me.

Such is the wheel-greasing power of money. Happy Death Day made stupid cash. Maybe all Landon needed was said stupid cash. Happy Death Day 2U is what he did with all that stupid cash (and I bet Lobdell feels really crummy not having his name on the sequel (sorry Scott)), and what that means is a whole lot of science talk plus Jessica Rothe killing herself while smiling. So basically, I dug this film.

Anyways: I have thoughts on where this unexpected series will go from here, and you can read them all at The Hollywood Reporter.


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