“How ‘Lego Movie 2’ Pokes Fun At The Evolution Of Chris Pratt”

Might not make a lot of sense to argue that chubby Chris Pratt is the best Chris Pratt when the Chris Pratt movie at hand is animated, but here we are.

I’m guessing it’s not by accident that The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part litigates Pratt’s career and persona; Lord and Miller love their meta-text, and when the film isn’t about the formation of “toxic masculinity”*, it’s about Pratt and how Pratt went from playing golden retrievers to playing Harrison Ford**. And being as it’s about that shift in persona, I felt inclined to write about how much I prefer the retriever to Han Solo. Not that I don’t like him in, say, Guardians of the Galaxy! It’s just that I like him better as Andy Dwyer. 

You can read the full piece over at The Hollywood Reporter.

*In quotes only because I think this phrase has long outlived its usefulness and we need a better way of describing the behavior the phrase describes.
**More Kurt Russell, I guess. There’s a reason they cast him in the Guardians sequel.

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