“Crimson Peak Showed Us What Unapologetic, Award-Winning Horror Looks Like”

I’m getting the sense that everyone’s past sick of me complaining about Hereditary, because a) everyone liked Hereditary, for reasons I can’t accept, and b) I complain about Hereditary more often than Jake Hannaford fires Zimmie*. So, sure, I suppose I understand. But I don’t understand why, when the Oscar nominees were announced, everyone also complained about Hereditary being “snubbed.” In fact, more than that, the complaints really truly deeply upset me.

Short version: I think it’s full goose bozo to put your awards season hopes for horror on a horror movie directed by a guy who not only didn’t set out to make a horror movie in the first place, but who also refuses to call the thing a horror movie, even though it’s a fucking horror movie.

Longer version: All of that, plus we super duper slept on Crimson Peak back in 2015, and Crimson Peak is the kind of prestige horror Hereditary obviously wishes it was.

You can read the even still longer version of my impassioned argument over on the annals of Paste Magazine.

*Just a little Other Side of the Wind reference for you to start your day, no need to thank me.


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