“How Netflix’s ‘Polar’ Differs From The Comics”

I’m a fan of a good Mads Mikkelsen performance, or even a bad Mads Mikkelsen performance, though there is no such thing as a bad Mads Mikkelsen performance and how dare you tell me otherwise.

It was inevitable that I’d gravitate toward Polar; I knew nothing of the Víctor Santos comic strip when the trailer first dropped, but with Mikkelsen’s name in the lead slot, the movie jumped up on my list of priorities. Then I decided I’d start working my way through the comic, a task easier done than said because each page is quick, lacking in dialogue and pretty stark in terms of detail. I deem the comic good! 

And the movie, too, but the movie is more like John Wick and less like Santos’ comic. This is a double-edged sword, if you ask me, and so I decided it’d be a good thing to dive into the tension inherent in remaking Polar as Wick-adjacent instead of going full Robert Rodriguez on it.

You can read the full piece at The Hollywood Reporter.



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