“The Magicians’ Fourth Season Continues To Shake Up The Rules Of Fantasy”

Question: Do you watch The Magicians? Follow-up, if no: Why not?

I like to imagine that the simplest reason people sleep on this show is that they’ve just never heard of it. There’s a lot of television out there. We’re well beyond the point where everyone watches the same water cooler series, and instead we all get to just pick a lane and stay in it. My lane, for the most part, is “high concept sitcoms,” a’la Atlanta and The Good Place, or just “really good sitcoms,” like Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Magicians is not my lane. By now The Magicians is my damn highway. 

A bit of unpredictability goes a long way, and The Magicians is more than a bit unpredictable except in the sense that whatever happens, it’s probably going to be Bad News™ for the cast. It’s probably the best show about how trauma can change people that’s currently on air, and it’s the best fantasy show by a country mile for how determinedly it rejects the genre grain. As I note in my write-up, Game of Thrones does that, too, but…sue me. The Magicians does it better.

You can read the full article over at Polygon.


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