“Why ‘Glass’ Twist May Feel Unsatisfying”

My rule for movies is simple: Do the damn thing. Glass breaks that rule. Glass does not do the damn thing. Instead it waxes intellectual on the “stuff” of superhero lore, both its own and writ large, trying to pull a Batman-level psychological examination but failing because, well, M. Night Shyamalan isn’t that talented a storyteller. I’ll never understand what Shyamalan stans see in this guy, and I say that as someone who digs Unbreakable right up until the film ends with a title card stating that the good guy called the cops on the bad guy. Jesus.

But: Glass. No one asked for a breakdown of superhero tropes post-Split, and frankly Glass never needed to be that. All it really needed to be was an action film where James McAvoy and Bruce Willis beat each other up. Instead it’s, well, the movie that it is, and if it’s your cup of portentous tea, it’s your cup of portentous tea. But it ain’t mine.

Read my full breakdown of the movie over at The Hollywood Reporter.




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