“How ‘Bird Box’ Tweaked the Book’s Ending”

Gang, I have questions about the ending of Bird Box, and I’m sure you have questions about my relationship with Bird Box, which by now I have written about three frigging times. That’s some mileage for one movie! I like to get bang for my freelancing buck.

Anyway: Honestly, I don’t have as much rancor for this film as a number of my friends and colleagues do. I find most of its fault in its structure. That whole “flip back and forth between the apocalypse in progress and its aftermath” thing? I hate that. But much as I appreciate the film’s present tense, I have Issues with decisions made in the climax. Big Issues. I also have a deep-rooted fear that those Issues, along with the completeness of the ending, won’t stop Netflix from funding a sequel, which, y’know, please don’t.

You can read my full thoughts on both matters over at The Hollywood Reporter‘s Heat Vision blog.



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