“Here Are 40 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Ranked From Worst To Best”

I watched just about every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie ever for this list, boys and girls and also adult men and women; you’re welcome. I did it, after all, for you, and also because yes, I like movies and specifically I like movies that have Arnold Schwarzenegger in them. (I’m not saying that Schwarzenegger movies are my lane; I just dig the guy.) Basically, long story short, appreciate my efforts here, you ingrates.

…whoops, that slipped out. Also, I didn’t exactly watch every Schwarzenegger movie for this list; just the ones I haven’t seen or the ones I needed a refresh on. But I did watch YouTube clips of the others! (And I rewatched Stay Hungry, which, hey, call me a heretic, but that’s my absolute favorite Schwarzenegger movie ever, after the movie I ranked #1 on my list. Not naming it here. You’re going to have to read the thing. Nice try!)

Anyway: This was a Herculean effort, fitting for a guy who in so many ways is Hercules himself. He even played the guy in a movie. And that movie’s on this list! (Granted, you could also call Dwayne Johnson “Herculean” on the same grounds, but if you did it would just be to shamelessly hyperlink to that other list I did a while back.)

You can check out the full ranking of Schwarzenegger’s career over at Men’s Health.


3 thoughts on ““Here Are 40 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies, Ranked From Worst To Best”

  1. These are such well placed entries. The blurb you penned for JINGLE ALL THE WAY hits it right on the nose, but the first half of the Batman & Robin really made me laugh:)

    Can’t argue with your #1 spot, and the top five you culled are aces pics. #4 is my go-to for various reasons, but TOTAL RECALL is one-of-a-kind.

    Buuuut, “It’s not a tuuumah!!” is from KINDERGARTEN COP.

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