“Films By Women: Four Movies To Watch From December”


It’s the last “Films By Women” piece of 2018! I bet you’re pretty bummed. But it’s okay; there’ll be other lists soon. Like, “in a month” soon. We’re already getting our 2019 watching underway over here in Andy Crump land. (There is no “we.” I am using the royal “we.” It’s my blog! I can be a monarch if I feel like it.) So, take comfort in that.

I’d actually intended on writing a full-length piece about Destroyer and Nicole Kidman serving as the film’s glue, but didn’t get around to it*; I wanted to talk about her function in the movie, her 2018 in general (including her work in the ridiculous but awesome Aquaman and the straight-up awful Boy Erased), and how her performance compares to Regina Hall’s in Support the Girls, a movie I have little use for that’s similarly held together by the strength of its lead performer. 

You’ll have to make do with the brief blurb in this piece. And speaking of Boy Erased, I also put down words for The Miseducation of Cameron Post, a better Boy Erased (and a solid if “lesser” follow-up for Desiree Akhavan after Appropriate Behavior).

You can read the full piece at Paste Magazine.


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