“The 25 Best Movie Performances of 2018”

For your consideration: A whole heapin’ helpin’ of real good performances in real good movies.

My picks here: Brady Jandreau, Joaquin Phoenix, Kiki Layne & Stefan James, and Ben Foster & Thomasin McKenzie. Maybe the last two feel like cheats, and in a way they are. But in a totally different way they’re not, because they’re interdependent performances. I think Layne and James, for instance, rely on each other to inform their performances in If Beale Street Could Talk. Same for Foster and McKenzie in Leave No Trace.

Arguably this is true for any actor who spends most of their screen time in the presence of their co-lead, but I’d say, given the circumstances and materials of these two movies, that it’s truer for their headlining duos. But fight me if you must.

You can read the full list over at Paste Magazine.




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