“Films by Women: Four Movies to Watch in November”

This is maybe the first Films By Women spotlight I’ve done where I am guilty of not seeing one of the movies on the list, or, in the case of Kino Lorber’s Pioneers: First Women Filmmakers set, any of them; I didn’t have an “in” to score a review copy, so I had to review this more as a product than as a collection of cinema. That being said I think anyone can get away with recommending the set on the basis of historical significance to cinema writ large and to women in cinema in the specific. So I did that.

I also wrote about The Long Dumb Road and Liz and the Blue Bird, the latter being the best animated movie I’ve seen to date in 2018 and by far one of the greatest surprises. I’m certain Liz and the Blue Bird has a wide reach, and I’m uncertain when it’ll drop on home video or streaming or whatever, but if you should find yourself with opportunity to see it, do.

You can read the full write up, with all the others, over at Paste Magazine.


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