“When ‘Rambo’ Was a (Relatively) Grounded Character Study”

The operative word here is probably “relatively,” because even the very first Rambo movie, which, of course, you know is called First Blood*, isn’t exactly “grounded” as in “realistic.” I suppose there’s some element of realism in the sense that a guy like John Rambo would probably be pretty hard to catch and nail down if he went into hiding in the big, eerie woods of the American northwest, and he’d probably outmatch the local law on the hunt to bring him to false justice (because remember, John’s the one done wrong in this film; he’s fighting cops too eager to abuse their power and authority). 

But of course the film takes liberties with reality because reality’s a king bummer and we watch movies, more often than not, so as to face un-reality, in the case of all but the most determinedly realist movies. So I wrote a bit about that, because I just can’t stop writing about Rambo.

You can read the full piece over at The Hollywood Reporter.

*Maybe it’s me, but I get the sense that a whole lot of people misremember First Blood‘s title as simply Rambo.

One thought on ““When ‘Rambo’ Was a (Relatively) Grounded Character Study”

  1. Hi, niece piece. I think the mistake people often make is thinking the second is called “Rambo 2”. Can I ask how you got to write for the Hollywood Reporter? Do they accept submissions? Thanks for your help.

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